Speed Blog: Foreword to Grand ‘Ma’ hearth

Foreword to Grand ‘Ma’ hearth

Readers and friends the poem Grand ‘Ma’ hearth was written to salute my maternal grandmother who is in her early nineties. There is another work entitled ‘mogakagadi’ through which I have tried to do her justice in a lyrical portraiture. The work itself was also an attempt on my part to write in Setswana. I hope to blog it very soon for your perusal.

Recently during my last visit to my grandmother, as I embraced her frail form, she held me with a soft gaze that held pools of tears at their edges and sniffed ‘I had had my life, the end can come now’. Her grayed eyes seem to bore through my surprised heart like the jab of a laser beam. Something within me turned and I was filled with an overwhelming sour feeling; fear and loss all mixed into one. Such is one’s candle of life. Our time here is fragile.

I just want to thank you for your continuance support of my blog as it nears the three thousand mark. …it is such a liberating feeling to be able to devote one’s time to writing amid a busy schedule and family commitments. But it is also reassuring when one’s work is read, appreciated and criticized!