Köln 25.09.2006@1515 arrival

the grey sky was as grey grey as a sage’ beard’s mind

whose time fashioned garnished thoughts

like bleached contemplation in the fathoming forests of

grey matter grey brainscape

in harness for one pointedness.



rolled the wheels of the iron python.

aerodynamically vertically

as the iron python curved and darted at intervals of slight side jerks

& front forward pulls

slicing through the last slices of distances

b’ tween berlin ostbanhof and köln ostbanhof

via hannover bielefeld hamm hagen wuppertal



the mechanical python the distance traversed belched


overacross periodically pregnant rhein river

yes that locality that embossed

the effects of Versailles


we bridged into köln.

au de cologne

ach so!


Water from köln

where the roman empire once cobwebbed itself and

where the deutchman hints in reminder hint

and surely reminds you

forthcoming of word colony

cologne ach so!

thee I paced when I had just turned to p/age thirty.


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong wa Makgosa 2006