Diary Entry, Welcome back!

Dear readers we hope that your entry into the New Year was smooth. At this point in time you are either back at the office as of Monday 5th January or you are still relishing the crumbs of the festive season, or better still you stayvacationed during December and you’ve just left everything behind for a well deserved vacation while everybody is back and worried about the initial fees that jump start the year! Holleruswelcome, welcome back. Don’t worry yourself too much about New Year’s resolution, chances are you’ve got some loose ends that needs to be tied up from the preceding year. Why not start there? Enough with the sermon. Tomorrow Andrew Tshediso Motjouadi’s Ico-graph will be available for your perusal. Yes you read right, an Ico-Graph not iconograph, a proposed term to designate a sweep of an artist’s timeline. This is a change in tune from what we promised when we announce late last year that a monograph around this artist was in the works. A writing of a monograph would have been too ambitious for us. We opted for something small, direct and hyper digestible for the post modern reader. The upcoming Ico-Graph will be the first writing installation of a trilogy arc set piece dealing with Andrew Tshediso Motjuoadi; the second will be an historical account while the third will be a subjection of one of his work to Plosc and Slosc Critique. At the writing of this communiqué we are immersed in the life of this fine artist.

05 January

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2015


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