Diary entry 10 January

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What does it feel like when your phone is on the tv stand? Let’s increase the distance, what does it feel like when it is in another room or better still when you leave it at home only to discover during your trip to work or school that you are without it? Nerving isn’t? They have become sticky things them cell phones them, neh. Our hook up to them often reminds me of the advert of the guy trying to quit smoking and the cigarette box is stuck on his hand while he tries to throw it in the bin. He goes for a patch or a chewing gum to free himself of the smokes. Social media networks, a blessing of our time or a curse for those who cherish privacy? Watch out for our next piece: Presence in absence in the Land of the Bunched Hunched Up People to be blogged on 13 January 2015, it’s an article dedicated to the television and film screenwriter, travel writer and the weekly columnist for The Times – Darrel Bristow-Bovey



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