An apology to the reader: Rise

Dear reader we’ve had a peep at Mzansi Magic’s (DStv Channel 161) EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for tonight’s schedule and we regret to inform you that instead of ‘Rise’ the channel has ‘Alex Cross’ scheduled for 22:00. This is sad considering we’ve recently reviewed the film. We would like to inform you that we’ve since complained to the channel (Mnzansi Magic’s) social media page on Facebook. here is a short note we posted to them:

‘Dear Mzansi Magic, when exactly is the next screening of ‘Rise’? On Sunday 11 your EPG (Electronic Program Guide) specified the next screening for it to be on 16 January, which is tonight at 22:00. I wrote a review on the film and hinted that the film was being screened tonight. I am concerned as I see you are showing Alex Cross at that time. I think it is unfair to just replace the screening of ‘Rise’ without an apology and explanation. That’s a film that is more relevant to our context as I write to you. Need I remind you that at your launching you said channel 161 was about South African content, first and foremost. Stay true.’

We apologise for any inconvenience our review might have caused you especially since the dough might be low and staying in seemed like a great idea. We were pretty hipped up about the film and thought writing a review about it would add to the attention we feel it must receive  considering the gravity of its content and context given the state of our education system here in Mzansi.  Now it appears Mnzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) doe snot value even its locally produce content. or does it?

May you duly accept our apology

(we hope to you our credibility is still intact)

As I close this apology I realise we would be half and hour or so into the flick


Mmutle Arthur Kgokong

16 January 2015