Diary Entry: Mxolisi Visimuzi Beauchamp

Mxolisi Vusimuzi Beauchamp at work. Image source, the artist facebook profile.
Beauchamp at work on The Great Maestro.. Image source, the artist facebook profile.

I read elsewhere that writing is a solitary experience. I am agreed thus far because I spent numerous moments hunched alone on my keyboard. I sometimes wonder if anyone would notice my efforts. History is the mess that remains of our ancestors’ endeavors as they try to survive, whatever their motives are. One’s intentions in achieving a goal are not always squeaky clean as far as the ego is concerned and not to mention self preservation. Anyway to chronicle history honestly it would mean not erring as far as taking sides is concerned, but to give as precise a detail as a historian can muster.

Art history on the other hand is precisely the deal with the particular – just like economic history or political history (come to think of it: is there a math history? there must be); art history is a zooming in on a particular aspect of our society as a phenomenon – art. So it would appear that from writing, history, art history the solitary endeavor narrows acutely until you can bet it was a pin that you heard falling. One must just hold on steadfastly to the conviction that what they have set out to do will be of value to their contemporaries or perhaps to someone in the generations to come. Such is my hope when it comes to the body of work produced under the rubric ‘intraparadox interviews’.

The current work that is almost finished is no exception; that is the interview with Mxolisi Vusimuzi Beauchamp which is currently undergoing editing as the wordsmith hammer straightens it here and there. This upcoming work is not for the faint hearted, liberals or the right. Personally speaking It’s a risk, it’s a step into the unknown. Is there a South African at the moment who is liberal in the liberal sense of the word? We shall see. The exhibition itself of Mr. Beauchamp, scheduled for May this year, will concretize this probe. Greetings.

05 April 2015

Mmutle Arthur Kgokong