It’s Complicated

{Ïn} a world where dramas, soapies and tele-novellas are rife Mzansi Magic’s new drama series, It’s Complicated holds its own turf. It is gripping, fun’ and thought provocative. By the way it is not a youth drama. Actually, it is the stuff of adults, which makes its positioning within the prime time zone allocated to it somewhat tricky considering its content. Were the steamy scenes of the recent Generations – The Legacy and Rhythm city paving a way towards a door step shy away for South African Television Production Houses to flirt with adult content at the time where the kids are still up? This is a moral topic reserved for a moral sermon leagues away in the future especially if you are thirsty for something new and you are huddled at home on a Friday evening with no kids around


Primary Cast of ‘Its Complicated’

〉〉〉 With It’s Complicated Fuzebox Production has introduced to us memorable characters behind whom a host of experienced new generation of South African actors presides


With It’s Complicated Fuzebox Production has introduced us to original memorable characters behind whom a host of experienced young generation of South African actors presides. I am particularly interested to see just where the writer of the series Ayanda Halimana takes us as the characters evolve amidst their yet to be told personalized stories. The directing is smooth and tight and that allows the actors to dig deep within themselves to bring out our new found friends to life and, perhaps later on, foes

If you undeniably care about Television you can catch this new drama series on DStv Channel 161 at 19:30 on Fridays, that is if it does not get too hot for that time slot and it is moved a little bit deeper into the evening after siphoning viewers from other dramas airing round about then elsewhere. Even if it is made available though DStv’s VOD (Video On Demand) premium platform immediately after broadcast this drama will cause a ripple, besides VOD is handy if you’ve missed a show you are following religiously and you are fortunate enough to belong to our pseudo middle class, nothing beats watching your favorite television program live. Presently prime time TV has morphed into content warfare in Mzansi




23 July

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