Diary entry 24 April 2016

optical jacket1Many thanks to those of you who continue to support our facebook page and blog http://www.mmutleak.com. There are a couple of works in the pipeline for Intraparadox series so do stay linked and synced we will be posting soon. These upcoming works are interviews with artists. As it is tradition they are long, averaging around 40 to 60 minutes. Yes we know, who has the time to read lengthy stuff, right?

We’ve considered cutting our interviews for intraparadox editions to about 30 minutes but felt that it would feel rushed to press for time in a lively conversation wherein one is trying to make sense of a life of an artist. We’ve resolved to retain the look and feel of the Senzo Njabulo Shabangu and Vusimuzi Mxolisi Beauchamp’s editions. This means the interviews will from now on portioned according to time lapsed or the prevalent themed question so that the reader can read a section at a time and pause accordingly if compelled to do so. By adopting this format we feel the work would then be presented to the reader in a gradual and manageable reading process.

Following the personal political piece that was eclipsed by Thato Seboko’s exhibition opening announcement the Jot Master feels compelled to return for a final assault on those who have fried his nerves lately to highlight the position of what has come to be known as ‘the missing middle’ in this country as epitomized by this City’s employees who are facing being homeless. We hope that piece will grace the blog soon as well before freedom day (27 April) or May Day (1 May). By all account, it is a tread on a rickety scaffold. But the Jot Master feels that if war is brought to your front door the least you can do is to keep it out until the enemy gives you everything they’ve got. Whatever the turnout it should not be easy for them to eliminate you. You should be wedged in their memory forever with 0% chance of being a good one flashback.

To our new readers we would like to say – welcome to the lexical galaxy and to those of you who have stayed for the long haul we’re forever indebted.

Stay linked and synced.

The Apprentice…


24 April

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