The Wake

I swung flung the doors of my front door open for you

Invited you through the corridors of my most precious memories

Led you to swirl on my glaringly white linen and wove stories for you

Forged through my powers of imagination with a dash of realism

But yet when fortune favored you in turn you briskly flung swung shut your doors on my face.

Funny wasn’t that a hint of friendship that I saw at the corner of your eye? Some acceptance?

For some of us it is excruciating to be cruel to others

We explode in love in the midst of what we think is friendship

We know not foe from friend

It’s a course

It’s a blessing

It’s a gravel road that lead to contentment to lent a friend a hand

And eye to pour out

And a thought to prop them up against the strong currents of life’s cruelties

We find pleasure in that

But when our being finally accept that the road has ended

We fondly look elsewhere for the journey of compassion

And the outlet of unpretentious caring

For to care for a barren land that resist all efforts for fertility beyond tilting

It is like waiting for one’s very own last breath.

31 October

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2016

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