optical jacket1>>> Of all the expressions that I have encountered to date on the social media networks the expression ‘Mmmmmm’ is an odd encounter. In my limited experience ‘Mmmmmm’ together with its variant expressions which are en-vogue is very illusive in its intent whether read in context or out of context. You could blame me for being insensible, however I for one have always considered this expression closer to the palate than the ear drum. Unless if somehow my wires have become undone ever since hitting the big four zero

But let us press on, if I was to introduce you to a delicious dish and you exclaimed with the expression ‘Mmmmm’ I would congenially nod with you the last roll of that ‘m’ because in silent agreement you and I would be bowing to the magnificence (magnifique) of that dish. Thus here the expression ‘Mmmmm’ would be pointedly expressing our delight, and allow me to say, resonance.

However an anomaly has started to creep-in in our circle of the close friends and the not so close friends we digitally whisper good night to every moon rise via the social network construct wherein this expression creeps in. ‘Mmmmmm’ is being carelessly flaunted about like an expression which everybody would like to use in a sentence whenever they are granted a worthy audience or not.

Used in a texting that has been stringing along rhythmically for days or even weeks we can safely say that the appearance of ‘Mmmmm’ and its variants may serves as a cue to say ‘I am with you, please go on’ or ‘I get you and I get you at an intense level’. However at the outset of a conversation which tries to establish a fact around a factor or a rapport the expression ‘Mmmmm’ can be a cue to say, think whatever you want about what we are talking about I really don’t give a damn as to your opinion on that matter or about me for that matter’ or it might just mean ‘I really do not want to talk to you!’ but more like at a mental level of things. But because you fired that expression and whoever is going to read it will understand it within the context of your conversation it will give off , like poof, your bad gas – which might reveal more about you than you will ever give away in an interrogation room. So next time you use the expression ‘Mmmmm’ be mindful that it’s pure decoding lies in the context of it being used and it being understood. Is it a conversation deterrent? Yes, and there is no doubt about that•<



5 October

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong