Seluj ‘oH

From first sip of your cup; to quench the far away ending of a quest to look yonder for another love; its befitting to gesture  that it was dreamy cool.

Oh Seluj; you whose eyes sang of hope and resilience for the dreams that swelled in your delicate bosom, yet in your fragility you gesticulated that even the fragile can dream.

For a while there I came three sixty five complete. In your breath. In your acknowledgement of my soul Seluj ‘oH.

But when facts cast their menacing manacles of reason and truth made its way home to roost; unavoidable my grip hold on you loosen. For the world of one is to one ratio is intolerant of a man whose love knows no bounds.

And now that  Seluj ‘oH you have alighted out of my nest into the embrace of steadfast warrior; Whisked away by consequences and cemented by conservative ideals in this world that has imbibed all and sundry.

Often your cool ghost swoosh lulls its way into my wondering mind & when my intellect tries to dreamcatch it into the real real that my remembrances my wonderings concrete it that its not you; but your residue, splintered into smithereens that mask all with your petite form.

That it is my dodgy mind coping with your loss; it is a recoil mechanism that discharges the impression you have left in me of you dame. It is a bleeding heart that wreath drench drips after what could have been. Oh Jules for the love I thank you.

12 May

© mmutle arthur kgokong 2018