27th BKhz and beyond

27th BKhz and Beyond
Intraparadox Interview with Papi Oratile Konopi curator for – 27 BKhz Solo Exhibition.Mar 2.Feb.21 (Final Mix)

In this edition of Intraparadox, I talk to Oratile Papi Konopi on Banele Khoza’s present solo exhibition, 27, on at BKhz Studio, Rosebank, Johannesburg. Our conversation establishes the young curator’s academic training before leafing through the layers that envelopes the latest project he was involved in at BKhz Studio.



The sound-clip playing at the beginning of this interview’s soundtrack is sampled from a song titled Nomaphupho by the psychedelically-inspiring artist Sibusile Xaba. Nomaphupho is part of an exposition grouped under the album name Open Letter to Adoniah (2016). Herein it is used with permission by the artist.

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