Intraparadox, An Interview with Prince Menzi Mthethwa

On Sneaker Culture

Intraparadox, Interview with Menzi Mthethwa Sneaker Culture.27June.2018.Dun3sXpand.SpeedballMix

This feature of Intraparadox was recorded three years ago, at that time due to my intellectual gymnastics research pursuits I was challenged to look at objects and the meaning they acquire through our relationships with them through usage. I considered footwear especially diteki – tekkies or sneakers. I am grateful that Bra Prince Menzi Mthethwa of Ayashisa Amateki television series and AYASHISA AMATEKI – CUSTOM KICKS was open to seat with me on the morning of 27 June 2018 and share with me his philosophy and perception of this interesting phenomenon. Our talk guided my perspective in the resultant essay Tekkies. You can link up here: to read that piece.

Since February 2021, AYASHISA AMATEKI – CUSTOM KICKS is currently in Sunnypark. They have a drop off and pick up kiosk for sneaker customising, prospective customers can drop off and pick up their sneakers after 3-4 days. Drop them a call at 084 062 0796 for more details on getting your kicks facelifted. Link-up with them on social media platforms using the handle AYASHISA AMATEKI.

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