Intraparadox, An Interview with Themba Msiza

ASIA: Go Tsamaya Ke Go Bona

Intraparadox Interview with Themba Msiza, Asia. 22 February 2019. Irie Ambient20XXI.eD.#1

According to the artist, Themba Msiza, ASIA is an acronym denoting “An so is Africa”, a term he borrowed from Mo Molemi third album. The term emerges from the musician’s lyrical enunciations of his experiences during a journey that took him through our nine African states. In his first solo exhibition, Asia: Go Tsamaya ke go Bona, Msiza paid homage to Mo Molemi’s album through 12 panels that articulated, in turn, his experience and understanding of Mo Molemi’s musical offering. The body of work submitted for the exhibition are offshoots from one of Msiza’s earlier panel paintings entitled “How close we are”, featured in the For Sale Project Group Exhibition 2013, held at the Pretoria Art Museum. The panels featured in Asia, rendered by a fluid and assured hand, observed the treatment of African foreign nationals in South Africa.

Msiza is Part of Turbine Art Fair 2022’s Unearthed

ASIA: Go Tsamaya ke go Bona reflected on the perpetual growth of regret, nostalgia, grief and joy that African foreign are confronted with in our country. Its portrait of how South Africans are detached from the rest of our continent and the experiences of foreign nationals South Africa.

This exhibition was curated by the For Sale Project Exhibition strategic team: Olwethu De Vos and Shimane Seemise. 

12 February 2019

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