Intraparadox, An Interview with Lerato Themba Kuzwayo

On Translating Lefifi Tladi

Intraparadox, An Interview with Lerato Themba Kuzwayo. Graphic Translations of Lefifi Tladi. 23 April 2021.NomIrieAmbient20XX1eD.#1

When an entourage of artists consisting of Charles Sokhaya Nkosi, Ezekiel Budeli, Tumelo Mokopakgosi, Justice Mokoena and his prodigy Muziwakhe Ndhlovu arrived at the Pretoria Art Museum on 09 April 2021, it faced a monumental task of translating the Setswana proverbs of one of our great artists Lefifi Tladi. With print-making as a medium that would bring Tladi’s esoteric writings to life visually, the artists set out translate around 20 proverbs. From the vantage point of one of the artists involved in the project, Lerato Kuzwayo, this podcast illuminates how the project was conceived and the experiences of producing the resultant body of work through this collaboration endeavour. Through Lerato Kuzwayo vast knowledge, Ntate Lefifi Tladi’s philosophy informs much of the discussion that anchors this interview.

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