Intraparadox, An Interview with Ilandi Barkhuizen


Intraparadox, An Interview with Ilandi Barkhuizen. Belong. 7 May 2021.Speedball.IrieAmbient20XXI.eD.#1

In a world where people across different cultural backgrounds continuously borrow and appropriate cultural items such as clothing, food, language, religion etc. to enrich their identity, Ilandi Barkhuizen’s new body of work presents her in 11 different cultural attires that is representative of different cultures in South Africa.  Through these representations she reasserts her identity as a South African and challenges the stereo typical notion of cultural artefacts being the exclusive of the cultural groupings within which they are conceived. In a country that is struggling with equality, redress and a search for a truly unifying aspect Barkhuizen opens-up a difficult but necessary conversation.


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Kgokong, M.A. 2021. Intraparadox, Interview with Ilandi Barkhuizen, Belong. 07 May 2021.Speedball.


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