Intraparadox, Interview with Dr. Pfunzo Sidogi SASOL New Signatures Chairman, PAM 22 July 2022

Intraparadox, Interview with Pfunzo Sidogi,SNS Art Competition Chairperson, PAM Jul 28, ADIAMix

Dr Pfunzo Sidogi became associated with SASOL New Signatures Art Competition in 2016/2017 when he acted as a regional judge. Years earlier, as an art student he was aware of the art competition, but he wasn’t interested in entering work as an entrant.

Through his membership with Pretoria Arts Association and his credentials within the arts industry and academia he was invited to steer the competition forward when Professor Peter Binsbergen’s tenure ended in 2019. The present podcast attempts to make sense of this premier art competition through Sidogi’s experience. What emerges is the important role that the art competition has played in encouraging and supporting careers of visual artists since the 1960s. And in the words of Dr Pfunzo Sidogi, a wholistic understanding of South African Art History and the meaning of this art competition historically can sustain its further development of this art competition. This is what he has brought to the SASOL New Signatures Art Competition.   


24 August

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