Hindsight: A *stand-Off/us vs the rest

It is possible to have a peaceful warm welcoming South Africa. The center of power should safeguard the lively hood of South Africans society, educationally and economically; after all it is South Africans who have voted it into that highest rung. Since these two tenets of modern society are complementary, that is education and economy; there is no reason why an ordinary hard working South African should not feel secured in his homeland even when he is competing with a skilled foreigner provided they are competing on a leveled field. At the heart of xenophobia is fear of domination by the other. I cannot overstate further wherein the solution lies¶

Hindsight: South Africa, it is time to Study Apartheid

We need to study Apartheid, we need to acknowledge it formally for what it was pre-democratic South Africa. And to what it is in post-Apartheid South Africa. Only when we have looked closely at it as a policy, better still, when we look at it as an Ideology our South African society through which the various ideological state apparatuses such as religion, economy and education are deployed to entrench it will we appreciate just how damaging it can be/it has been to the South African national psyche

Evanescent Friendship

If one finds themselves surrounded by a relationship that is real and endearing one is at the epicenter of love unconditional or what we have come to call friendship, we may suspect – that when it was invented, friendship was meant to be love without unreasonable expectations, but care that withdraws the minute it see itself overflowing to give space to those it honors. But most importantly a real constant presence besides us.

The Evanescent POST

During a walk with a friend to nowhere about a month ago something snapped when my local post office’ non appetizing architectural form reared itself in the suburbanscape. I dropped a one liner of interruption during their turn in our conversation ‘you know the post office is on strike?’ I said hoping that I would solicit an ounce of sympathy. I should’ve known better