The Dawn of OTT-SVOD War

At a certain point at the headquarters of Naspers, the company that owns Multichoice, which in turn owns DStv and MWEB, the Research and Development team might have sat down and observed with a keen interest at the recent developments with regard to Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) via the web. Perhaps during their observation they might have snickered at Times Media Group’s VIDI, sneered at MTNFrontRow and casted a dismissive look at Altech’S NODE. After all they would have felt that they had responded to these platforms a long time ago without a straining their coffers.


Presence in absence

A switch off occurs when you go off the grid of social media connectivity whereby you go amiss in the digital social life of people who have you listed as their friend knowingly or unknowingly. Quite a number of people could care less whether you are around at the best of times. Unless if you are a kwaito star who has reached the nirvana of a staple diet wherein your devotees daily probing, poking and in-boxing of your person is their reassurance that they are part of the world we live in.

Diary entry 10 January

What does it feel like when your phone is on the tv stand? Let’s increase the distance, what does it feel like when it is in another room or better still when you leave it at home only to discover during your trip to work or school that you are without it? Nerving isn’t? They …

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Generation X: The return?

In order for Generations, The Legacy, to appeal to a new breed of viewers and soap connoisseur it must reinvent itself with a total new plot and not rehash a formula that is known to have worked before. It must be brave. All previous characters, old grudges, plots, subplots, backdrop etc. must be nullified.

Evanescent Friendship

If one finds themselves surrounded by a relationship that is real and endearing one is at the epicenter of love unconditional or what we have come to call friendship, we may suspect – that when it was invented, friendship was meant to be love without unreasonable expectations, but care that withdraws the minute it see itself overflowing to give space to those it honors. But most importantly a real constant presence besides us.