Diary log 5 November

The first draft of Intraparadox: Interview with Nelmarie du Preez which I conducted on 26 September 2016 is complete. It has been long overdue but I have completed it finally ! Over the next couple of weeks I will be readying it for blogging. It has been a difficult period writerly to emerge from the …

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Diary entry 24 April 2016

Many thanks to those of you who continue to support our facebook page and blog http://www.mmutleak.com. There are a couple of works in the pipeline for Intraparadox series so do stay linked and synced we will be posting soon. These upcoming works are interviews with artists. As it is tradition they are long, averaging around …

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Birth – for the old folks arcade gamers of Phelindaba

In Phelindaba the Old Café are gone. Washed away by the caressing seeping water at the shores of nostalgia’s grey silver laser that burns the things we abhor or hold dear deep within the creases of our brains and bosom, a tug at the heart here and the disturbance of balance there, for a thrill worth Two Bob, Wola!

Diary Entry: Paucity, Balcomb, Winter and my first love

I would like to thank you for continuing to read my work. It is an honor to be read even if it just that random post. Presently an uncertain corridor looms for the tiny man. One thing is certain though, I am returning to my first love, the visual art object and I am taking you along with me on that journey. May we find the artist.

Diary Entry: Mxolisi Visimuzi Beauchamp

Art history is precisely a deal with the particular – just like economic history or political history (come to think of it: is there a math history, there must be); art history is a zooming in on a particular aspect of our society as a phenomenon – art.

Diary entry 10 January

What does it feel like when your phone is on the tv stand? Let’s increase the distance, what does it feel like when it is in another room or better still when you leave it at home only to discover during your trip to work or school that you are without it? Nerving isn’t? They …

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