Intraparadox-profundity, Beauchamp

I want to cut this thing of tribalism in the arts. This is found in Afrikaner shows only, black shows only, still in 2021. In that sense you realise that you are stumbling across something that has been forged in steel, fire and blood for a long time. It is something that I always find interesting.
– Mxolisi Vusimuzi Beauchamp,
speaking in the context of Coffee + Medium Exhibition. 24 March 2021
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Intraparadox, Interview with Wonder Buhle Mbambo

A revolution has occurred which has seen the emergence of art that has no affinity to socio-political stances in our country or globally history or happenings. This is art at the service of the artists themselves. A personal encounter, a man on the mirror affair at its core. Wonder Buhle Mbambo’s work snugly first within this paradigm.… Read More Intraparadox, Interview with Wonder Buhle Mbambo

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Interview with Senzo Njabulo Shabangu (Part Two): Towards a Concrete Concept

Senzo. I met good artists at the classes offered by the Johannesburg Art Gallery, one guy Blessing Ngubeni I also met him there. He works here now. So we were kept busy drawing each other, doing portraits. I enjoyed it very much…

Mmutle. This is in 2006

Senzo. Yes, it was nice because I did not know… I never went to a place where they could offer a free art lesson, also free art material. I mean I just went there without anything so they gave us pencils and whatnot, we were seating and just drawing. Hanging around a group of artists it was also …blood to me, I felt like, very very good. For the first time in Jo’burg I was making friends and I was around people I could relate to. Sometimes we would seat and do portraits. I don’t know if I can jump to that place but what happened I found out now about those art classes they used to call them Taxi Art Classes. But back then I did not know that those art classes were funded by David Krut.

Mmutle. So you only learnt about this later…?

Senzo. I found out maybe two years ago or so. I was just chatting to David about that period of my life and he said ‘I was actually the one who funded the materials’

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