Intraparadox, Interview with Wonder Buhle Mbambo

A revolution has occurred which has seen the emergence of art that has no affinity to socio-political stances in our country or globally history or happenings. This is art at the service of the artists themselves. A personal encounter, a man on the mirror affair at its core. Wonder Buhle Mbambo’s work snugly first within this paradigm.… Read More Intraparadox, Interview with Wonder Buhle Mbambo

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COACO: Perhaps to the river we will arrive

Our audience visiting art galleries or art museums for the first time should be inspired not to ask about the price of the work first but appreciate the narrative in front of them; they should be inspired to rather ask about what the work is made of (medium), method of production (technique), production time, theme dealt with or inherent in the work. We need to get here.
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The UNISA 4th year Exhibition presents a bag of thought provoking ideas about what challenges the South African society is struggling with.

Thematically speaking it is a journey from the self to the populace. Of course since the works are heavy in conceptual content and considerable in scale they may not make it into the private ordinary person collection echelons. These gestures are better suited for corporations. They are gestures to be savored in open uncontested conversations.
The exhibition closes on 20 January 2017.… Read More Gestures

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