“Object for a child to play with A gadget or machine that provides amusement for an adult”


It is probably at this point in time, at the end of the year, when all those who have worked hard (or idled around) during the year have an inkling to spoil themselves. After all, after a long and demanding run around the miser seeks a reward otherwise what was it all for? Even the little ones can’t help but notice that there is something different during this particular period; perhaps the funny unpredictable weather has something to do with it, it affects the adults. All of a sudden the adults are very giving; and to top it all everybody is in a jovial mood and loose when they dig into their pockets or purses. With all the sweets and nice clothes, something must give. A new Toy¹, a time pusher, must be added to their arsenal of amusement and self discovery.

This explains why doing shopping around this time, especially if one braves the malls and observes the tiny tots who have a tinsy-winsy idea of what is up with the situation walking in tow with their parents, one will witness that their eyes are pinkish for the want of a toy. Whether a remote controlled car or a watch, an action figure or a new video game. If they are girls they ‘might’ be in need of that tea set; a pram and baby doll that goes with it; perhaps even children’ make up – to play house with their friends or alone with their other cuddly dolls.

We must also bear in mind that a Toy as a phenomenon, prior to it being evolved into a software in terms of games or remote controlled helicopter, the Toy gestated out of rocks being played with on the coarse gravel ground. These rocks due to their shapes they mimicked figures of people or animals. It, lets remind you ‘the Toy’, has went from a tangible entity into a soft ware metaphor that mimic humanity and its paraphernalia.

But Toys are not limited to the pleasures of children, there are cell phones to consider as well, cars, motorbikes, violent video games as well as out of the way toys for adult private amusement. Fortunately for adults, because they are the income earners they do not have to walk around like pinked eyed zombies annoyingly tugging at someone’s dress or trousers to get them to buy an amusement gadgetry to enhance their arsenal of time pushers. Adults plan, save and get the Toy. With all things considered we all, young and old, derive some form of pleasure from toys; whatever their kind. Toys are tools of self discovery and props to help us make sense of the world around us. It is as if every time when one engages with a toy one lifts off one of the layers of life to reveal a part of themselves to themselves. Any grown up who denies the pleasure inherent in the toy has not lived yet.


1. Toy: A Noun, it means an object for a child to play with A gadget or machine that provides amusement for an adult Ka Setswana Toye re ka ebitsa setsamikiswa. Lefoko le le mabapi le motsameko (play), metsameko [plural] (games)