*/a person aged between 13 and 19 years /

*n.b. See Oxford Paperback Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide p934.

while circling around the noun Teenager Theta, the hover craft of the Jotmaster, identified words such as Teen informal (adjective) -teen (suffix), teenage (adjective) and teens plural in the lexical galaxy. With the aftermath of the ruling that allowed children between the ages of 14 and 16 to have make out as long as there was an agreement between them it caught the better part of me to approach the great sage and find out what his thoughts were on the ruling. I contorted my face slightly while this recent ruling tormented my psych as it found traction in my harden brain. With a blank screen in front of me a cruise aboard the Theta Hover Craft, to sort of get away from it all, especially the writer’s block, felt alternatively rewarding than fruitless attempts to spin textual constructions.

I winced as the Jotmaster emerged from his quarters, I had beamed almost an hour ago into the Theta Hover Craft, anticipating his disapproval of myself invitation aboard his Amada. He threw me the know it all devilish wink. He was his regular self as ever. Except for the missing pipe he held a cup of cold coffee in one of his mitts as he took over the controllers. He snickered as he read the command I have sms’sed to Ginger the main monitor consisting of ceaselessly omitted light shaped into a panel

It’s ok to allow children between the ages of 14 and 16 to make out as long as it is consensual

‘You guys have really lost it now with all your liberties’ he pursed his lips an eye brow raised in utter disapproval of whatever defence might issue from my speechless mouth. Since I was a freeloader in his ship I dared not look at the arching eye brow. However I spilled over

‘For your information I do not agree with the court’s resolution, I have kids, how else can I agree with such rotten tomatoes of a resolution!’ I bellowed. He initiated hyper text transit in one half of his bi-keyboards on his left hand (coffee held purposefully delicate in his right hand) and a cluster of the suffix teen flattened into a pattern of – TEEN SHOooosh-ed past endlessly around the reinforced glass canopy of his textual craft Theta. I felt around and held at his diction to avoid the inertia. I was ecstatic with wonder as I looked around the textual galaxy that engulfed us.

‘You gotta understand that when the little ones get to this period they are emotionally immature and still need guidance and nurturing of their parents’ he took a swig of the black water, carelessly handed me the cold cup and manipulated some more keys fingering the right keys and completing the manoeuvre with his left hand:

Immature (appeared on Ginger his master monitor against the backdrop of the suffix –teen)

‘Although they may think that they know it all but they know zilch. They don’t know any better, kids’ he spat the last word as he profusely continued with the keying. I doubted whether he liked youth. In an instant we had entered the cluster of the word TEENAGE. ‘What air heads don’t usually appreciate about words is that we can always see instantly their formation. Look at how ‘teen’ is very close to the word ‘ten’ which denotes number 10. However the tricky part here is that there are two numbers before we start to have an emphasis on all the numbers that accompany ten. As in thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen etc.ect (meaning I do not have to go on) so in a way it is not remarkable at all to appreciate the word TEENS which specifies any age falling with the odd numbers accompanying ten.’ His face relaxed as if he had hit on a jewel. He was later to tell me that he had thought about eleven but concluded that it was a transitory age and had no bearing on the boiling phenomena that comes after an off spring has skipped twelve. We left the last quadrant demarcated by the word TEENS and set course to the blogosphere, flattening the word TEENAGER in the process; we were now headed to the very place I swapped for a jolly ride aboard the Theta Hover Craft. My unproductive gloomy desk.

After my textportation on my desktop with an empty e-white paper staring at me melancholically in a yearn for textual construction to caress it I still struggled to jot anything down.

I started writing the first thoughts that came into my mind. I spun the first text and it grew into what I proudly call a prophesy:

Should the little one’s be allowed to sleep around, I began typing gingerly, it will be nothing new to creation especially where morality is rubbed and snuffed out. Heck I grew up in a time where some of the games we played at dusk were a pretence to toy the adult way. I omitted this sentence, it revealed personal feat about me. However if you were caught, I carried on, you faced serious persecution by your neighbours or parents or guardians. There was a thread of respect that still held a few places together. At this point I hoped that the writing was making sense.

Now a pair of scissors has successfully snipped the threads away and the platform is in free fall. Depending on chances encountered in sexual paradigm of free fall there is teen pregnancy, STI’s and of course the ravenous HIV/AIDS to keep in mind. With these hazards life will surely be cut short both literally and metaphorically. What happens when a teenager falls pregnant? I mused. Well they don’t get to achieve as much as they would if there was no child that needed caring for. If they get sick with an incurable disease such as AIDS their lifespan is reduced naturally. And if they are simultaneously sick – they descent into misery, they will have to depend on medication to lengthen their life span. By now a sense of urgency ceased at my lapels.

This would result in a massive roll out of medication to combat the scourge however it will be like running on a treadmill. It will be a journey to nowhere because each year will increase the scourge due to the allowance made in the past. It’s better to get off the treadmill and walk away. This will be progressive. You will be encountered by various scenarios which will encourage you to see in picture perfect what’s around you and what’s going on. Although a lot of funds will have been lost in combating the scourge prior to your abandonment of the tread milling. Poverty will have reared its gigantic head and thrust in aggressively with its cousins Illiteracy and Skills deficit. You’d have woken up from you self imposed suspended animation. Look, I concluded, you don’t have to go into suspended animation, our democracy it is still a teenager who needs guidance, love and outmost attention. Don’t ruin it you’ll ruin our future


01 February, Mid-Summer


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2013






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