A Planet of the Six Legged Horses

There is a safety valve in place to cushion Avatar from becoming another cliché film dealing with apartheid ideology on a global level. This element is that the planet is inhabitable to human beings – without the use of oxygen masks they cannot survive in Pandora; henceforth the use of Avatars. Avatar reminds us that in the universe all is connected to the ‘Mother Earth’ and we are all siblings and are connected to her. By hurting the earth we are simply inflicting pain to our selves in the long run.



Cyberspace, the nervous system of machines? In 1999 when the dust had settled after the Matrix (1999) had made its mark, it had set the tone for follow-up science fiction films; it had raised the bar through its rich and intricate narrative as well as through the special effects it incorporated. Today we have inherited films such as Equilibrium …

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Primitivism and Modernism

Western art, in order to reach its renewal at the dawn of the modern period, had to look beyond its shores for new approaches to art making. By deploying the art of the ‘other’, the primitive – the colonised – Modernism played a role in the colonialist path of exploiting primitivism in order to reach its goal of renewal.

Visual Art Infrastructure

An exhibition’s core aim, never mind the content of the artworks, is to bring a body of work, executed by different or the same artist, into one space and create a dialogue between the artworks – this is also subordinate to the content of the work forming the exhibition; meaning the vision of what the overall feel of the exhibition should be is a huddle that must be negotiated by the artworks to be entered into the competition.

Zakes Mda’s Cion

We are reacquainted with Mda’s character from Ways of Dying (1995) Toloki. It’s several years since we last saw him and unfortunately his beloved Noria has passed on. Non the less she has made a profound impression on our dear yellow skinned friend as far as matter of hygiene are concerned. You will gather that in the prequel to the present book the self initiated monk of his self invented order of the oppression of mourning hardly ever washed. His cheer entry into the crowds of the many funerals he had served involuntarily made way to his persons especially when he took alms following the exhaustive task of weeping and wailing for the dearly departed souls.

Responsibility in Representation: Buthelezi

By hiding behind the name ‘Staff Writer’, which in a sense, delimits debate and is imbibed with the grey area effect – for we do not know who writes, is suspicious of disrespect for the subject matter. As far as the article in question id concerned the discerning reader must just read between the lines to pick up the underlying message; that the development of black artists in this country has as its highest rung luxury and disengagement with the immediate community erected and fixed.

Tshepo Mosopa’s Seemo Sa Boraro (Third Class)

The artist has hinted on one fact concerning the use of public transport with regard to the train ‘That the commuters lose their identity once they are inside the train coach especially those traveling third class. They are subjected to pick pocketing and clothes ruffling as if insignificant, meanwhile they are the power tools, the lifeline of the City’ ‘That the commuters lose their identity once they inside the train coach especially those traveling third class. They are subjected to pick pocketing and clothes ruffling as if insignificant’