Hindsight: Of Big Bosses and Minions

  As South African political parties diverge in different directions this weekend across our country to launch their political manifestoes sandwiched with promises and posturing ahead of the oncoming local government elections on  3 August 2016 an uneasiness pervades the employees of the City of Tshwane and their families who have been renting apartments and …

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Neo Resistance Art and its Fallacy (final edit!)

Now as I jot this article that artwork has evolved from being an aggravating work praised as brave and avant-garde to a vandalized artwork following two men who entered the gallery, apparently total strangers to each other, and took turns defacing the painting. While the white man crossed both the face and the genitalia with red paint the black man smeared black paint both on the face, part of the right side of the figure and the genitalia area. While the black man who vandalized the artwork after the white man was the first to be arrested the white man almost fled the gallery uncaught if it weren’t for the press that pointed out he should be also be arrested. I shall stop here with this description of the work and the incident surrounding its defacing lest I lose sight of what I am concerned with here. But I wish to venture that the artwork now has attained a state of a performance piece with the added actions of the two men. Though defaced, it has not lost its gravity as offensive and vulgar. It has now being relegated to a pseudo avant-garde by bourgeois standards but far from kitsch considering its genesis and the new meaning it is pregnant with.


The cheer force with which the stink bug or the locust would fight you gave off such a sensation of might in the palms of your hands yet one recognised that the insect also exerted a form of power to which if there was a loss of concentration in your palms it would escape and regain its freedom. It would be very difficult when you loose a dark green locust amongst the greened shrubs as it was camouflaged immediately due to its cloak.

Fall of the Tomb

To whom does South Africa belong? to whom does Pretoria belong to? Fall of the Tomb reaffirms that it is only through a discursive contest of grounds that our flawed past can be grappled with mercilessly, looking at things as they were and are right now rather than wishing for a utopian version of our lives to meet us at our doorstep when we rise each morning.


   "Of sacred personage"   When the Egyptian State Apparatuses realized that the thousand and thousand throngs of people swelling and swirling in Tahrir Square had been incensed through the mobile phones services and various social media platforms to wage protests it sought to curtail the revolt, however it was too late. The radar had …

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African Consciousness (revised Edit)

one was the fact that about 88 African states were colonized by 8 European countries who legitimized their rights to the resources of African States while their inhabitants suffered poverty and degradation and submission. Using slides and verbal enunciation Odora-Hopper also tied the entry of Europe into the continent with the age of imperialism (which was preceeded by missionary work) to expand Europe territorially and commercially.


Today in South Africa there is a known fear that is slowly creeping back into our consciousness or perhaps should we say hatred for the ‘other’ for that matter. The powers that be has appealed to the masses that they must harness the positive energy from the remnants of the effects of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in each other to instill a feeling of African Unity, camaraderie and sharewood.