The Node Nadir

Now that Altech (Allied Technologies Limited) has announced that it would sell the NODE in the not so distant future whoever is thinking of buying should think very deeply before tinkering with its functions. South Africa needs the NODE but it just does not know it yet.


An apology to the reader: Rise

Dear reader we've had a peep at Mzansi Magic's (DStv Channel 161) EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for tonight's schedule and we regret to inform you that instead of 'Rise' the channel has 'Alex Cross' scheduled for 22:00. This is sad considering we've recently reviewed the film. We would like to inform you that we've since …

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Hierarchical specifications in Fish Eagle advertisement (revised edit)

The organization of Fish Eagle Advertisement in the sequence of hierarchical specification has a psychological effect in the mind of the viewer, to be specific the prospective customer and those who drink the brandy in that they immediately see the drink as superior in nature due to its identification with the predator.

X- Men Origins: Wolverine

What one must understand when it comes to a super hero like Super Man is that he is a super hero by birth! He is an alien, from krypton, he has traveled galaxies to get to our world and his existence is linked with the protection of humanity. His being an Alien outstrips him of …

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Chappies Bubble Gum the revival

The recent Chappies Bubble Gum television advertisements are a revival of a product that many of us today will appreciate the resurfacing thereof on our television screens after quite an absent. In its heydays not only was this gum delicious it also came with a general knowledge index which one could peruse once the chewing started.