Mmutleak: #SABC's dance drama #Tjovitjo is a grand proposal in the annals of modern narratives. Perhaps even a brave shot from the troubled #SABC. Unfortunate it  is hurried unnecessarily •(3dDEFPoints/5)•


The Node Nadir

Now that Altech (Allied Technologies Limited) has announced that it would sell the NODE in the not so distant future whoever is thinking of buying should think very deeply before tinkering with its functions. South Africa needs the NODE but it just does not know it yet.

Things are about to get interestingly pristine

A few people who can afford good television content should know that the advent of 'Its Complicated' on Mzansi Magic signals two key moments in the life span of this interesting television channel. The channel, launched on 12 July 2010, has just turned five and it is going HD. Having said that, it is a sure thing that during tomorrow's prime time wars zone the scales will be tipped too many reasons in Mzansi Magic HD favor.

Film Review: The Gift

The Gift was shot with the same camera work intimacy characteristic of Rockville and the ‘prying eyes perspective’ that has become characteristic of the Ferguson's work signature. There are moments you feel like you’re eaves dropping on what is being said or spying on what is happening when you view the Ferguson's work as a performance text.