Hindsight: The insignificant civil servant

In any circumstances wherein unforeseen problems crops up one is bound to analyze the situation comprehensively in an effort to make sense of what is happening. Perhaps to a certain extend it dulls the nerves a little bit when we think we have found the source of our troubles, even if we are wrong, there is a cold comfort in suspicion and strength in isolating a challenge.


Presence in absence

A switch off occurs when you go off the grid of social media connectivity whereby you go amiss in the digital social life of people who have you listed as their friend knowingly or unknowingly. Quite a number of people could care less whether you are around at the best of times. Unless if you are a kwaito star who has reached the nirvana of a staple diet wherein your devotees daily probing, poking and in-boxing of your person is their reassurance that they are part of the world we live in.


We may blame the people who put their last red cent on a quest to go on a pilgrimage to experience enlightenment or whatever the last rung it is that their religious consciousness promises them to reach if they perform the required spiritual rites faithfully and with devotion.

Speed Blog: 21 September 1976

Over this nothing compares to when a silent friend whom has fallen off the radar chips in as well to the happy birthday mount. Ah, It revives one’s hope in second chances in friendship and cements one’s positive resolution in one’s faith in humanity. So I would like to thank you all in advance for being in my life and for your support in my life’s work especially as far as the writerly is concerned for reading my textual spins and weaves.

Eil (read in reverse)

Imagine how it would be like if it emerges that the person who inspired you to be where you are in life has forged their qualifications to get there, that they never attained anything next to what you have been able to achieve. I mean should we have an itch to hit them with the delete button from your universe you don’t get to be inspired to be a go-getter.

Scruffy Old Madala

‘You can always write about nothing. The trick is to make it appealing, just like our little encounter here. He swept his free hand caressingly in front of himself. Shortly he was tottering on a third wooden leg as he stood gingerly. ‘Eish-ahh, the body eventually gives in, this…’ he pointed at the paper bag he was dunking into the bin next to the bench where our little story had unfolded ‘delish’’. He firmly shook my hovering right hand with one of his knobby thick boned hands and bid me well ‘Ditebogo ngwanaka’ he left, a man unconcerned with the world he knew very well. Yes, spinning the next myth should not be a difficult stint. Like the one you’ve just read now.