optical jacket1>>> Of all the expressions that I have encountered to date on the social media networks the expression ‘Mmmmmm’ is an odd encounter. In my limited experience ‘Mmmmmm’ together with its variant expressions which are en-vogue is very illusive in its intent whether read in context or out of context. You could blame me for being insensible, however I for one have always considered this expression closer to the palate than the ear drum. Unless if somehow my wires have become undone ever since hitting the big four zero


Scruffy Old Madala

I sat on a bench in a park. A park I had no idea what its name was. I had walked around like an ant in an empty match stick box, boxed and trying to figure out how things had become dull and dark all of a sudden. Thinking about this metaphor as I looked at my empty palm up jittering hands a boyhood memory of an ant I once trapped in a match box flashed across the dark recess of my dull witted mind. Something burned in my heart, perhaps it was hope. Hope that I will spin myths again. Truth be told I was scared of sitting on my desk and looking at the blank pseudo white page of my computer trying to pen the next work. It has been fruitless months. I could not even bring myself to spin a haiku, blessed the Japanese’s inventiveness of contracting a potent saying in seventeen syllables. But this too has amount to nothing. I wondered whether this blockage of my wits had anything to do with my last stance on the cultural artifact we call art. That art, for it to be understood the society within which it is produced must be prepared to critique it, through pure viewing, through a dual critique – or viewing if you let me have that.


How to hold on to business as the Earth shifts Axis

My interest in this sentence stems from its length and the questioning tone it carries. Besides it being a micro narrative it also has a tone of friendliness and at the end of its reading one cannot help but want to know just how possible it is to ‘hold on’ in the midst of change ‘to business’. How else can we understand the meaning of the word ‘Axis’ in this syntactic construction? May I hazard to say that the gravitational pull change which results in the Earth changing its position as it spins on its axis is hereby equated to a change in the business world, what is interesting is the resultant phenomena of the Earth Shifting Axis, which results in our seasonal changes. Seasonal changes affect all organisms on earth.


The Bring and Braai Paradox

Bring /Carry or accompany to a place/
Braai/an outdoor meal or party at which food is grilled over a charcoal fire/
Paradox/a statement that sounds absurd or seems to contradict itself, but may in fact be true/
*n.b. See Oxford Paperback Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide.


We were walking through row after row in the market place. The alphanumericalverse had rendered a summer morning with clouds shying away from each other to give the sky big pools of blue hues. It felt formidably warm. Luckily all the vendors had been thrown into a mega dome that was surprisingly cool. But the chorus of sellers and buyers bidding prices to and fro buzzed the dome into a hive. Welcome to the food market! Mockingly announced my master. He was wearing a pink sweeter and yellow linen trousers, his feet were shoved into green shoes. Colour blocking, I snickered at this display of showiness especially for an old man. But the Jotmaster refuses to match his age, repeatedly he insists on being ageless.                  (more…)

*Family [noun]

/1. a group consisting of parents and their children/

/2. a group of people related by blood or marriage/

/3. the children of a person or couple/

/4. all the descendants of a common ancestor:…/

 the house has been in the family for years

Never is the time so congenial to proclaim through burps of your most praised fancied drink that ‘blood is thicker than water’ like now as the fires of the braai masters salute the heavens for a year that has been (full stop). Phew, to spin a long sentence is like throwing yourself into a deep pit that you your self has dug and hope that you’re crawling out of it will reveal the true sense of your status quo. Such is a branch we spring from – the family – it binds us like a wrestler seduced by an obsession to become triumphant through rage with an inkling to snap every bone in our body into an agony of symphony. But the family ideal lacks the malevolent snap of the wrestling wrestler. And like an elusive insect which has found its way into your ear, suddenly ceasing you from comfort – family worms itself into your life; even if due to your material development you keep them at bay like a smell that does not agree with you; strangely enough you are pulled towards it. It is a giant finger that beckons its stray younglings to return to it; if not through loss of a departed soul then through gain, through imbibing a feeling of togetherness for the jitterbug of it.



*But the Stormers have a few aces of their own

Ace/a person who is very good at a particular activity/

Trick/ an act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone/

This expression caught my attention the other day while reading my favorite daily. I was caught by the richness of its metaphorical construction and its allusion to a well known-used expression. In the article where it makes its appearance it plays an important role in changing the tone of the article to heighten tension and shift balance in the content of the article which concerns itself with a scheduled game of rugby where the Sharks will face the Stormers. Until the appearance of this expression the article is preoccupied, for quite some time, with the description of the Sharks performances and its chances of becoming the victors.  



/involving the loss of:…/

/the effort or loss necessary to achieve something/


In the present jotting I will deviate from one definition of the present word. I have resolved to acknowledge that there are certain words for which just one definition won’t do. The present word snugly fits into this resolution.   The cost of living is one of the problems that each of us has to battle with every day. However it is alleviated by the prospects of having a job. With employment comes access to salary and one is able to meet their financial commitment. In our modern age we are faced with rising costs of essential commodities important to our livelihood. These are energy in a form of petrol and electricity which inevitably affects our food and clothing. Such are the galloping cost that Maslow’s pyramid of needs is disturbed without doubt. However this disturbance is acutely felt in the people living in the lower strata of our societies.



/an aim or desired result/

A little lexical probe into the present word throws us into a game of soccer as far as the Oxfords would have it when one takes a peep at words closer to this nimbus in an entrapment of a word chase. Would we not agree that any game or sport for that matter, that is if we wish to be elegant, is a gamble? And so is the future.

On those last moments of the previous year; at that instance mixed with loathing if not longing of the year that had been, sandwiched in a tinged of regrets, failure and lassitude and by 1Cornelius (George is overrated) a shooting star might have streaked its tail in the heavens as you wished for a somewhat better year that would cometh. Inevitably New Year dawned.



/a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present/a natural ability or talent/

This is the time to look back on the year that has passed. To reflect on its little and small triumphs. To contemplate on its failures minute and dwarfingly large. But the trouble with the end of the year period or what is affectionately known as the festive season is that even if you somehow resolved to cocoon yourself in your home away from everyone and everything the spirit of this period will find you, like the smell of a fresh pie beckoning Tom to eat it while Jerry snickers devilishly in the background.

The smell of charred wood or coals as the fires are burnt outside to prepare the braais; if not the smell of the sizzling meat and boerewors as they are prepared as part of a feast to appease or give alms to the great spirits that hold the universe intact and simultaneously to wave  hunger for happiness and reunions away as friends, foes and family and strangers come together in the one spirit that is human; While the chimes of church bells ring rang a tang as the accompanying theme of this merryland. If still immune to all these special effects  the merry greetings of your neighbours outside, will penetrate the walls of your abode, grab you by the scruff and whisper softly to you that you’re insanely lonely. Step outside and be with the people! will be the resounding punctuation.



/the long term prevalent weather condition of an area, determine by longitude and altitude/
ΔE = W

Any nitwit suffering from an ailment of ignorance will be able to affirm that the temperatures of our summers have gotten very high over the years, nor will a candidate of cryonics waking up in 2061 BC be able to adjust to the predicted scorch that’s coming. Unless the subzero time traveler wakes up in a cold winter night neither he nor she might stand a chance come next summer.

As world scientist populate in Durban to commit themselves to cupping green emissions so as to save the planet, a remarkable bean squeezes through the seethe and is given sidefull glances: The plight of the poor. Has it being given due contemplation that it deserves, the suffering of the poor. The elevated persons of our society who gather at Durban to go green will not give a whiff perhaps about the consequences of going green abruptly. What of the gentleman and women who spend the better part of their life span digging for coal to power our economies or burning the earth’s lungs – the trees for cooking and keeping warm. All this is done in the search for comfort.