there are two things that are being left out here which in the long run of things might undermine the headway that a woman is making in our society. First how can we evolve the mental state of girls and neglect those of boys as far as the new role of women in our society is concerned? Secondly, are we equipping girls with sensibility on how to handle power that comes with being in a position of privilege?



Yes I do acknowledge the default position, place or situation forced down our throats by fate. In a nyakanyaka-mathatha situation wherein you don’t get to choose your birth country, race, sex even your parents one may find solace in the thought that if all is not well to your liking it is worthwhile to crawl towards the fanciful. An eastern sage, I read elsewhere, says everything that exists is cooked up in the mind. I am not so sure about mathematical problems though. However I hold dearly to the thought that we are animals of ‘belonging’ we want to be a part of a certain group or something, that’s our titillation. And by default we are a result of a particular ‘belong’ even if not of our choosing. All else from there onwards is negotiated.

The Bring and Braai Paradox

You like? He asked me earlier on aboard Theta with a bow and outstretched arms, legs drawn in a capital T. At that time, I must admit, the dramatic gesture drew attention to the intense colours of his garb. I silently joked that the only missing item was a bowler hat which, has it been acquired and thrown into this outfit culinary it would’ve have shot it up the rank to clown buffoonery scoring. I don’t think these intense colours were meant for matured people like yourself, master, came my reply as I held his gaze. He laughed an uncontrollably which left me very concerned that he was finally loosing it. We will see. I said to myself as I joined him in the bridge taking my seat in the second command. Theta grumbled once and took off. You’ll see. He reiterated as if he had been reading my mind. I shook my sideways gaze away from his narrow figure in the main controls.

Tag *Reckoning and the persistent Asterisk

Take Two Take Five and Take Ten which could otherwise be expressed as Take (verb) Two (noun) Take (verb) Five (noun) and Take (verb) Ten (noun) swirling around the cockpit until a sonic construction Tick-Toh-Tick-Foh-Tick-Tin. With the former expressed (verb)(noun)(verb) (noun)(verb)(noun) genitivally to make bare their syntactic relations.


‘You gotta understand that when the little ones get to this period they are emotionally immature and still need guidance and nurturing of their parents’ he took a swig of the black water, carelessly handed me the cold cup and manipulated some more keys fingering the right keys and completing the manoeuvre with his left hand.

Tag Two

But for now we will keep the jotterjollyjoy on a low key lest we forget the blues of the start of this odd year something. We will evade boredom. Take tagging on an internautical sphere – the internet that is. Especially if you are a fan of the social network that draws you in ‘like it’ or ‘no like’. But because at a certain point you did sign up for that social media account and went about rallying a few friends or searched for them and hooked up with some good looking not so harmful peeps in the midst of all things considered in the mediated space you are bound to be tagged (pheww full stop). Inbox: so and so have tagged you on their foto. Notification: so and so would like to tag you in their photo.


Shoot those predictions never became a reality before. Why will today be different? Often you sneak a look at the telly or you drift an ear on the radio or scout an article about ‘this supposedly last days of our lives’ and you will hear some of the bone throwers or tongue peddlers proudly spitting out that because we have lost our souls the world will come to an end. The stars have proclaimed. That a great purge must come because we have outlived our usefulness mingle with idleness. But the sun rises in the east as it does every morning and floods all cruel and good with its rays. Well if it’s cloudy you can always substitute sunrise with grey light – that will do too.