Evanescent Friendship

If one finds themselves surrounded by a relationship that is real and endearing one is at the epicenter of love unconditional or what we have come to call friendship, we may suspect – that when it was invented, friendship was meant to be love without unreasonable expectations, but care that withdraws the minute it see itself overflowing to give space to those it honors. But most importantly a real constant presence besides us.

Scruffy Old Madala

‘You can always write about nothing. The trick is to make it appealing, just like our little encounter here. He swept his free hand caressingly in front of himself. Shortly he was tottering on a third wooden leg as he stood gingerly. ‘Eish-ahh, the body eventually gives in, this…’ he pointed at the paper bag he was dunking into the bin next to the bench where our little story had unfolded ‘delish’’. He firmly shook my hovering right hand with one of his knobby thick boned hands and bid me well ‘Ditebogo ngwanaka’ he left, a man unconcerned with the world he knew very well. Yes, spinning the next myth should not be a difficult stint. Like the one you’ve just read now.