Ayeye, O grand Joe?

YOU gotta love The Bomb Shelter television and film Production Company. Here are the klevas who’ve been pushing the envelope ever since the appearance of their ground breaking work Yizo-Yizo. While I cannot claim that I am a fundi when it comes to South African television production companies’ prowess applause klap-klap have to be given where they are due. For now The Bomb Shelter takes center stage. Until I am conversant with the oeuvre of these klevas’ work collectively I shan’t spew a crit’ at what we’ve seen so far coming out of their finesse touch. I came of age on a diet of Yizo-Yizo, was aware of Jacob’s Cross, later on, Watched Zone 14 to come nice, albeit when it got routinized it bored me to the core. It is yet to be seen what Ashes to Ashes, the upcoming E TV’s tellenovella will do with the sub theme of undertaking on a grander scale. A Soap Dish war fare at prime time is waged and remote control sojourn questioned around the living room! But back on track towards the point that the present jotting is trying to make. Isibaya cemented The Bomb Shelter as a formidable force as far as envelope pushing is concerned.


Speech: The Nature of an Artist’s journey

ON the 7 February 2015 at about ten in the morning I was about to read the prepared speech below at the opening of Tshwane University of Technology Department of Fine and Applied Arts BTech exhibition while I noticed, in the sea of the crowd nestle here and there serious looks including a couple of people who rolled their eyes upwards in the ‘here it comes’ attitude. This together with the occasional air blows from the nearby air con which ruffled my prepared speech papers in its duel against the onslaught of summer heat convinced me to ditch the speech and speak from an improvised angle. I doubt if anyone ate from my palms. Contrary to popular believe of the little circle I belong to, I am never comfortable speaking in public, even if it’s about what I feel passionate about, art. I find solace in the written text. Presently I hope that the speech below does justice to my improvised performance.



Intraparadoxical contemplation

ïntraparadox is a coinage for the phenomena that occurs during an interview with an artist. Like any human being out there an artist has their own convictions and contradictions; for they are social animals. So intraparadox, as a dialogue produced as a result of an interview with the artist, is like an x-ray process that reveals the nature of the artist, their life and their art practice. It is important then that it, intraparadox, be written word for word based on the audio file gathered during the moment of interview with the artist, for I would like to present as closest an account as possible of the artist’s persona to the reader – a portrait of the artist. The reading must produce a reflection of the personality of the artist as it is, as it would be encountered when the reader, should the occasion present itself, meet the artist in person! The interview should be an intimate encounter of the artist in conversation about their work – this is the first task of writing the text. Secondly, during the interview as the ideals upheld by the artist emerge, teased out and made bare as the conversation develops around pertinent issues the artist is preoccupied with in their art production or practice; issues which might emerge during the dialogue, it is hoped, that an opportunity will be afforded the reader to delve deeper into the conception of the visual art object apropos to the  artist undergoing the interview