The Writerly Bug Juice: An Eulogy for Bok

I have no recollection how we got Fifi boxed in that afternoon. It was raining lightly and as the raindrops dews splattered gently besides the drain furrow, moistening the soil and collecting into streams around us to flowing into the furrow where our tussle was underway as our figures wrestled that of Fifi. Three against …

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Intraparadoxical contemplation

Since my ultimate task in my writings is preoccupied with drawing attention to the text what an opportunity it is when the writing tries to mimic behavior and how it develops around the preoccupation it takes in its stride. This is the opportunity that is afforded by producing the interview with the artist in textual form.

The Rainbow Nation: The Neglected Discourse

Relationships have their nourishment entrenched in communication. Without communication, even with ourselves, from an individual perspective, there exists no growth. We can see this everyday when we wake up to tackle the world. We are in constant communication with who we are as we battle with the forces of destiny to attain the goals we …

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Relocating the Rainbow Nation

Dialogue, undoubtedly, it is the key towards molding our entity as a society, as a nation into a working homogenous unit that can continue to lead the way for nations struggling with plurality in the continent and abroad.

The Centre’s Loss of Plot

Now when a Society takes a peep at its past and isolates a particular event that has had a remarkable impact in the lives of people belonging to its social structures and opts to celebrate that event by honoring those who have partook in it, that society is unwittingly, doubly so knowingly, assessing itself anachronistically. I use the words ‘unwittingly’ and ‘knowingly’ as an attempt to remind us that some members of societies are overtaken by pronouncement of vital periods or occurrences through media or while conversing with their peers or colleagues, even families they are made self aware of their historical heritages.