Machingelane: a sort of a receptionist with a license to kick your arse if you tuned out to be a klein stout baas with a penchant for silly smarts.


(Neck) around the (corner)

Look don’t get me wrong here I am not an oorskit-leftover kind of a guy who craves handouts. I want to knead my own dough like any china out there. There are talented people in our country who are looking for a helping hand if not two to get them started in realising their dreams. If you happen to cruise through our townships you are bound to find a few small businesses which services our communities but most of the time these initiatives, due to lack of support in terms of financial backing or proper training on how to run a business successfully drown out of sight. Usually you will find that that mama who sells fatkoeks and tea at the corner on your way to work or the vegetable vendor outside of your flat together with a telephone kiosk has somebody under their employment or are part of small enterprise that works for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. If that little stint of business experiences financial crises two perhaps even three people will be without a source of income.

The point of @ (distort[ed]) ‘Message’

Virtual communication or social networking interaction which I believe began with the sms creates a parallax when those who read what you are saying cannot follow you or misread what you are trying to say. In other words what could have can be a simple message creates more questions than it instructs or clarifies. The youngsters take very warmly and easily to this sort of communication. If you ask any young bloke out there they will tell you that since being a student comes with its own financial constrains it is easier to constrict words to an almost encrypted code so that instead of sending two to three sms’s you need to just send one, it is economical viable. Some purists have argued that the long-term effect of this improvisation is that one loses their writing skills as well as grammatical sensibilities.


The cheer force with which the stink bug or the locust would fight you gave off such a sensation of might in the palms of your hands yet one recognised that the insect also exerted a form of power to which if there was a loss of concentration in your palms it would escape and regain its freedom. It would be very difficult when you loose a dark green locust amongst the greened shrubs as it was camouflaged immediately due to its cloak.


The ANC Youth League should come up with a logical plan should it wish to appeal to even the so called liberal blacks or coconuts who scoff at their gesticulations as nonsense. If the league of the center of power respects the livelihood of South Africans (and I mean it in its true sense – all South Africans regardless of colour), then as a self proclaimed vanguard of the poor, the dispossessed and the proletariat it should cool headedly propose a sound plan that will appeal to all South Africans who still believe in the democratic state of this nation. You can quack your philosophy about how much you want to go it alone but here is a spanner in the works – do you have the skill and the experience? This question leads us to my last section below.


Today in South Africa there is a known fear that is slowly creeping back into our consciousness or perhaps should we say hatred for the ‘other’ for that matter. The powers that be has appealed to the masses that they must harness the positive energy from the remnants of the effects of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in each other to instill a feeling of African Unity, camaraderie and sharewood.

The Danger of Fundamentalist Shove

Let us acknowledge firstly that the Rainbow Nation is an Ideology. Our short democratic rule proves that it is a viable Ideology. Unfortunately like any other Ideology it has suffered an anomaly of a shortage of discourse. As our country evolved into a democratic country the Idea of a Rainbow Nation was not continuously molded to continue to define and express the Identity of our changing society.